Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Australia is not suffering to the same extent as the US or Europe in today's economy, but man, these guys' optimism is a little scary. I was just browsing through the neighborhood circular, and saw a story about a house being sold in Stanmore, a nice, up-and-coming inner west area:

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But get this: the selling price was AUD620,000 and the description of the two-bedroom house includes
the property has polished floors and period features, but needs a lot of work, particularly as its only toilet is outside.
An okay 2 bedroom in an okay neighborhood with no inside plumbing!!!! 620K!!!!!

(Not to mention the idea of no plumbing in Sydney 2009 is a little mind blowing, if you haven't spent time looking at real estate here.)

Friday, March 13, 2009

I was here too

The island of Waiheke, in the Auckland harbor. Some of the best wine and olive oil in New Zealand.

I was there

Declaring blog bankruptcy!!!!

Never fear, this is a Chapter 13 filing.

I have been traveling lots since mid-November to lots of wonderful places (Kioloa, Auckland, New York, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, New York, DC, New York, Philadelphia, New York, DC, New York, Los Angeles, Auckland, Port Douglas and the Reef). Along the way, I've taken tons of fabulous photos, which I want to share with you. But they have piled up, since rather than post them, I have been recovering/preparing/traveling to the next destination and then taking lots more photos.

And then I feel guilty for getting behind, and overwhelmed by the idea of all that time that it takes to upload photos, which just makes me put it off a little longer. So here I am.

So I apologize for the silence. I will abandon all attempts to give you a more coherent story of my travels. But I will start posting again and I will share the best photos in a haphazard way.

Good to be back!