Friday, October 31, 2008

Bizarre? Wonderful? Bizarrely wonderful?

The line at about 2:13 is particularly wonderful. Reminds me of many afternoons spent in the living rooms of coaches' apartments, but with a surreal twist....

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Appalachia for Obama

Ralph Stanley really is the man.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Another sign of the seasons

New South Wales changes over to Daylight Savings Time tomorrow, which means I get an extra hour of overlap with all of you Northern/Western hemisphere people. Starting tomorrow (my Sunday and your Saturday), the east coast's 5 pm corresponds with my 8 am (instead of my 7 am). The west coast's 5 pm corresponds to my 11 am. This will shift again in a few weeks as you guys change your clocks and we'll get yet another hour of overlap.

Roach laps

[WARNING: This post is gross]

I feel like the rhythms of my life here are marked by waves of gross creepy-crawly assaults: most recently, after finally figuring out how to end the swarms of ants that would invade if food was on the counter for more than 10 seconds (ant traps at their highway intersections), huge slugs have been entering the house, sometimes as many as 10 a day. A line of table salt at the doors and windows has helped stem the tide, though it isn't completely gone. Well, the year cycles around, and now I am back to the insects I first fought when I moved in here. I saw my first moth in 10 months the other day, and the big roaches are back. There was one running laps around the walls of my bedroom today, high up out of reach. Gross and funny in equal measure (does he know that he is retracing steps?) He finally started to climb down the wall and met a disgusting death doing battle with my shoe. Bright blue guts smeared on my wall. Arms still moving after disembowelment, but hopefully now truly dead after being crunched along several axes with a paper towel. Fortunately, I am a smarter defender of the castle than I was last year, and will crack out a fresh set of roach traps today. Woolens will go back in their plastic casings too.

Spring, erm, Summer is here

Gone almost without pause from bemoaning that my house is 10 degrees colder than outside to celebrating it. It looks to be a much less pleasant summer this year, if it keeps it up, but at least the birds are back in their full-throated glory.

Labor and Obama

Sorry to succumb so completely to the election season, but this is pretty damned moving and worth watching. And even apropos-ish given that this weekend is Australian Labour Day.